Everybody knows that you’ll have a lot of waste to handle if you have a major demolition or renovation project. Luckily, people nowadays can rent a dumpster to manage waste. However, for those who don’t know, there are various dumpster sizes that you have to choose from. So, how do you know you have chosen the right size for your dumpster rental ? Well, we are here to help you. 

Here are a couple of things that you have to consider to choose the ideal dumpster size for your project: 

Different Sizes of the Dumpster 

Rental companies typically measure dumpster in yards. A dumpster can accommodate a single cubic yard of material for every yard in the size. 

  • 40 Yards – This is probably the biggest size of them all. You’ll only have to rent this dumpster if the 30-yard dumpster is not enough. Usually, these dumpsters are for major demolition projects. 
  • 30 Yards – If you think that a 40-yard is simply too big, then this is your ideal option. They’re best for major demolition projects.  
  • 20 Yards – A 20-yard dumpster is usually used for major residential projects. This includes floor removals or roofing replacements. 
  • 15 Yards – This is probably the most commonly used size of dumpster. You will typically see this in apartment properties. 
  • 10 Yards – A 10-yard dumpster is usually used for minor projects, such as a de-cluttering a room. 
  • 5 Yards – A 5-yard dumpster is usually used for small projects such as bathroom renovation or lawn projects. 

Consider the Materials 

Before you choose the right size of the dumpster, you first have to think about the materials that you are going to place inside it. A couple of things are easy to manage and break down. This includes shrubbery and tree branches. However, there are also materials that are heavy and hard. If you want to ensure that the size of the dumpster properly accommodate the things you’ll be throwing, you will have to consider this a lot. Keep in mind that you have to fit the bigger items in the dumpster, especially if you do not have the tools to deconstruct them. 

Furthermore, you have to think about what materials can be serviced by the rental company. Do you have to sort the materials before dumping? Are there any materials that are hard to manage, such as liquids? Are you throwing a couple of hazardous items? If you plan ahead, you can easily choose the dumpster that properly fits your needs. Aside from the size, you also have to consider the purpose. You should also consider recycling as well. You can save a lot of space if you rent another dumpster for recycling. However, you will have to be cautious in sorting the items. You have to sort them before you place them in the dumpster. This will help prevent you from digging through the dumpster later.  

Fortunately, there are a lot of dumpster rental companies out there that can help you with your project. Make sure you hire a reliable and professional company.