Whether it’s hardwood, vinyl, or laminated flooring, flooring is a fundamental part of your home and your property, hence taking care of it is very important. Most of the time some homeowners tend to neglect or take good care of their flooring. Poor maintenance and care can cause them to deteriorate at a fast rate.  

Good flooring is made to last for years, but no matter what kind of expensive material it’s made, care plays a big role to its longevity. This is one thing that most homeowners think about their flooring, either it’s not that important or it’s made to be walked on and just leave it until it’s time to replace it. Having to install new ones can be very costly, and you always have to hire or look for flooring Bedford experts near you. To avoid spending the unnecessary bucks, try this simple care tips for your flooring to extend their life: 

1. Beware of what’s on your shoe 

Your shoes protect your feet from undesirable elements outside when you go for a walk, jog, or just going to work. The same goes with your flooring, it’s like the roof for your feet inside your house. To keep it from getting damaged, beware of what’s on your shoe, check if you happen to step on gums, or even gravel that can scratch your flooring. The best thing for you to do is to have a doormat, wherein you can rub all the dirt before entering the house or remove your shoes and have a shoe rack near your entrance door, in that way you can make sure to leave all the dirt and damaging materials. 

2. Cleaning materials 

When it comes to cleaning materials, avoid those who can damage the flooring type you have, say for example, with wood flooring, we all know that too much water can damage the quality of the wood hence when cleaning use, vacuum cleaners and for polish you can have it waxed. Avoid steel wools and even scouring pads as they can leave unpleasant scratches.  

3. Clean dirt ASAP! 

Dirt, spills, stains, if these come in contact with your floor, you go ahead and clean it right away! You don’t want them to soak and leave watermarks which can damage the texture of your flooring. Clean them with appropriate chemical and tools. Some stains or dirt are hard to remove so be patient about it. Always have your cleaning kit ready specially if you have a party.  

4. Add some more rugs! 

Rugs can help protect your flooring, why? It’s because it can cover a spot wherein you don’t want it to be stepped on or leave furniture marks. Rugs are inexpensive materials to keep your flooring pretty and protected. Plus, you can choose from many rug designs that can add accent to your flooring.  

5. Keep them always clean 

Cleanliness is next to Godliness they say, well with flooring is next to saving money and extending its life. Regularly clean your flooring, do not leave any stains or dirt overnight and have it cleaned thoroughly. This can be hard work, but hey! It’s better that spending all your hard-earned money to installing a new one where in fact your original flooring could have last 10 years more if you just cleaned it regularly.